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"Roose Paint & Restoration LLC is a local Grays Harbor County general contracting company that specializes in interior and exterior applications for residential and commercial properties."

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At Roose Paint & Restoration LLC, we are a team dedicated to bringing new life to homes and businesses in Aberdeen, WA and surrounding areas. With our expert painting services, we transform interiors and exteriors with precision and care. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality sets us apart from the rest.
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  • out of 5 stars

    I can't say enough good things about Roose Paint & Restoration LLC. I hired them last year to paint my beach home and she shed, due to weather we were put first on the list for a spring painting. EXCELLENT work, Jamis and his crew were so professional, on time, (very rare for the harbor) good communication and their attention to detail was amazing. With a painting project most know that the prep work is the most important. When Jamis and his team of professionals came they removed everything including gutters, so they could get right to work power washing then caulking, they even caulked all the nails so that it would be a beautiful smooth finish. His team is a group of hard workers who were very polite and respectful. Having such a large crew the job was done in lightening speed, with everything they removed put back in place. I am so happy with their work. My house looks beautiful and 'she shed' so cute. As of yesterday when they finished, there were already a couple of neighbors getting bids, Moclips is a small town and everybody mentioned what a great job these guys did. I 100% recommend Roose Paint & Restoration, You can have your home painted or have a professional job done with Jamis Roose. I have learned from experience it pays to do it right the first time.

    Home Owner
  • out of 5 stars

    Excellent exterior paint job.

    darmst6829 Home Owner
  • out of 5 stars

    We had a great experience using Roose Paint. We struggled for months to find a painting company to do a small interior job. Some never called back, some never showed up. Roose Paint returned my call, showed up when they said they would for an estimate, and sent the estimate very quickly. They were honest about when they could do the job and followed through. They did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend them if you need a painter!

    Maryellen Phelps ,

Frequently asked questions

Typically, our team will provide you with a free estimate within 24-48 hours of your initial inquiry.

The Painting Contractors Association has maintained their PCA industry standards for over 130 years. These guidelines help painting contractors communicate clearly and allows customers to have greater understanding of what their project entails.

PCA Industry Standard P14, levels of surface preparation are outlined. There are four levels, ranging from Level 1: Basic to Level 4: Supreme.

We'll go through each one of these in detail below.

This article is for educational purposes only.

A properly painted surface is uniform in appearance, color, texture, hiding, and sheen. It should also be free of foreign material, lumps, skins, runs, sags, holidays, misses, or insufficient coverage.
Industry standards say that surfaces should be examined “without magnification at a distance of thirty-nine (39) inches or one (1) meter, or more, under finished lighting conditions and from a normal viewing position.”
It should be noted there are different preparation levels for repaints and the condition of the existing surfaces may require more vigorous preparation to achieve expectations, and in turn cost more.
Below are some definitions of different preparation levels

Level 1: Basic
The minimum acceptable level of surface preparation on any painting project. At this level, the surface is to be washed clean of any dust or dirt, and obvious flaking paint is to be removed. This prep level ensures that the newly applied coats of paint are applied soundly. However this level does not warrant that the older coats of paint are properly adhering. This is often the standard to use when the surface already looks pretty good.

Level 2: Standard
In our experience, this is the most common level of surface preparation for an exterior repaint on an older building. This is also a common level for interior painting projects on old and/or heavily damaged walls. This level takes into consideration the coats of paint previously applied to the substrate. This means a painter will attempt to ensure that the paint will hold for a considerable amount of time. The priority at level 2 is longevity, the appearance of the project is still important but it is a secondary concern. The result of the project will be a sound paint job likely with noticeable cosmetic imperfections.

Level 3: Superior
At level 3, we are much more concerned with the appearance of the outcome. This level incorporates everything from levels 1 and 2 while adding more rigorous standards for the smoothness of the finish. Any variation in the finished surface greater than 1/16 inch should be smoothed at this level. In our experience, this is a common level for an interior repaint. This is also a good level for the exterior painting of new construction, but is also dependant on the quality of carpentry.

Level 4: Supreme
At this point, your painter should be doing everything short of completely resurfacing the substrate to get as close to cosmetic perfection as possible. Any defects in the surface profile greater than 1/32 inch must be filled and sanded until smoothed. This level is often recommended for interior painting of new construction, but is also dependent on the quality of carpentry, so can be more expensive due to the time and material taken to achieve a close to flawless product.

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Proudly Serving Aberdeen, Olympia, Shelton, Centralia, Chehali, Elma, Montesano & Surrounding Areas

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